Our Story

Our Approach

Your Brand Is In Good Hands

From the moment we see your logo, your brand is in good hands. Our unique approach to curated merchandise means that we custom design and build products from scratch, using your budget, timelines and target market to guide the process. We understand your business; we get your clientele. And we’re not kidding when we say we can manufacture anything.

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Our Beginnings

Passion for the Business

We founded Swell Source over 20 years ago because we were tired of seeing the same promotional products on store shelves over and over. We wanted to offer branded merchandise that reflects the same creativity and passion that our customers have for their beverages. Our products are custom designed and built to showcase the nuances of each brand – something you just can’t do with stock promotional items.

How are we able to offer such originality? Over the years, we’ve developed close relationships with our partners in Asia and North America, fostered through many trips overseas to visit and work directly with our trusted contacts. Our close relationships with our manufacturers translate into value for our clients.

Our Process

We’ve Perfected Custom Manufacturing

Over the years, we’ve established great relationships overseas, working directly with our manufacturing partners in Asia to transform original ideas into products that help sell your beverage brand. The result? Branded goods your customers can’t wait to get their hands on.


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It Starts with Ideas

Whether you come to us with a photo, drawing or just an idea, our first order of business is to establish your price point, quantity required, and the must have date. Short on ideas? We encourage you to tap into our twenty-plus years of liquor marketing experience! We help the leading liquor brands in Canada create ideas that showcase their brands. Show us your target market and we’ll help you create something remarkable.  If you need a more in depth service, please see our consulting division www.swellsource.ca.


Build a Technical Package

Based on our design concept, we put together a technical package that includes details like packaging, graphics and construction specification. We’ll present this to you in a PDF for review to give you a clear vision of the finished product.

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Make a Pre-production Sample for Approval

Now for the exciting stage: this is where we go and build it! We work with our manufacturers every step of the way to turn the specifications sheet into a prototype for your approval. Bringing ideas to life is always a thrill! Once you’re happy with the prototype, we are ready to roll with production.


Production and Distribution

We maintain a close working relationship with our manufacturers, personally overseeing the entire production process with regular visits to our factories overseas. Need help with distribution? We can manage that too. From factory to licensee, we take care of the logistics.

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